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The turquoise decor

There are numerous colors and ranges that we can choose when decorating a home and give it style. In this case we will speak of turquoise and its possible uses in the decoration of rooms .
The turquoise and its range is a tone that brings joy , freshness, balance, elegance. And as if all that were not enough , give life to the space , since color is very bright and flashy.

 On the other hand , to be related to the color of the sea and lakes, it gives the feeling of relaxation , harmony and elegance .

According choose what tone (one turquoise darker or lighter) , we create different effects and sensations in the environment. In turn , it is important to consider what other colors I go to merge , since it depends on the style you get . Similarly, turquoise is very easy to use and meets almost all of the color palette .

Then we will give some examples on how to use the turquoise decoration. Consider the following tips :

The turquoise and decoration

1 - To calm and relaxing environment , it is best to combine turquoise with dark blue range , with light colors , like white and beige or shades of blue and gray .

2 - If you want to achieve an elegant , you can combine it with white, black and neutral tones ( gray, brown , beige , earth tones , gold ) . This will give glamor and style to the environment , as well as brightness and romance.

3 - To achieve most striking decorations , try combining turquoise with yellow , violet , orange and fuchsia . If you want the turquoise is the protagonist , choose to combine it with pastels.

4 - Looking for visual impact ? Then you better paint your walls turquoise , you lean by use paint or wallpaper gradient in that range . Remember that if your walls or floors are turquoise, the furniture will have to be white or a neutral color.

5 - For the less adventurous or those not accustomed to the changes, it is preferable to start using the turquoise accessories, textiles and furniture. You can include in the range carpets , cushions , furniture , quilts , towels , chairs, etc. . However, remember to leave the walls white or a neutral color , to prevent too much space.

6 - To achieve more feminine spaces or romantic style , you can combine turquoise with pink , light green or lavender. However, if you want a room masculine and elegant , it is best to combine it with dark green , brown, black and gray , or neutral tones , but always dark .

7 - If you want to get a space both men and women , it is advisable to use the range of turquoise mixed with oranges, yellows , reds and colors like white and black . This is ideal for decorating living rooms, bathrooms, double bedrooms and lobbies .

The turquoise for decoration is a very versatile tone , wearable, appealing to the eye and easy to match with any style you already have at home or environment. It depends on the colors with which it can combine accentuate the range of turquoise , give you more or less prominence to the color or make the decor look more cheerful and attractive . Dare to change your space!

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