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10 Ideas for headboards for beds

 You can renew the bedroom in a very easy and cheap , changing the head of your bed .
The headboards are versatile pieces , simple to make and very decorative .

Here we show you 10 ideas for bed headboards . Change the style of your room without spending much money ! Notes!

First, it is important to consider the size of the room you want to remodel . If the space is small , it is best to choose a header low, since a too high given the feeling that the environment is reduced.

Then , it is important to consider the style of the room and adjust the head as the decor we already have . For a romantic and elegant style , the fabric or upholstered headboards are ideal , and if you prefer a more modern and rustic , painted headers , with vinyl or smooth curves are the best choice.

Headboards for beds . Easy and versatile ideas

1. Painted Headers

Well thought simple and inexpensive at the time of renewing the headboard of your bed is to paint the wall with a little creativity . You can make the design you want ( using stencils , abstract drawings or whatever you want ) and match the colors as you like. It is an excellent choice : quick , easy and modern .

 2. Upholstered headboards

The headboards are in addition to comfortable , very versatile when it comes to decorating . You can choose carpets with different designs, textures and colors. Also adapts to all styles , varying their tones , combining them with the colors of the furniture , cushions , bedspreads , curtains , and bringing a sense of continuity throughout the space .

 3. Headers with pictures

An original and fun idea is to use pictures as headboards . You can choose different compositions , styles and colors ,or do it yourself! Be sure to choose a frame width of the bed or several smaller tables ( arranged symmetrically ) .

 4. Headwaters paper

Another excellent option is to use wallpaper, or wallpaper, to make the headboard of your bed . It is a very versatile to suit any style. They come with arabesques , striped , geometric shapes, with flowers, among others.

 5. Headers with vinyl or adhesive

This idea of ​​heading to bed is one of the best and most modern . Avoid making too full headers , requiring complicated or spending much money. Using decals you can create the style and design you want just pasting the sticker to the wall .

 6. headwaters recycled

Do not want to spend money ? We find the solution you were looking for ... Headwaters fully recycled , made from recycled items . Use old doors , wooden shutters , old shelves , pallets, old backs of armchairs or chairs , bars , etc. . You can amend any material that is no longer in use , to color and completely renovate your room .

 7. Fabric headboards

These headers are manufactured using forges, wood frames fabric or hanging a curtain rod on the wall. The fabric , combined with the quilt on your bed , it will be a great way to decorate and renovate your space. Dare to do this kind of headboard ,look very original!

 8. Header with chalkboard paint

No doubt this is a very original, fun and inexpensive . You only need to paint the wall with black chalkboard paint and then , in the place where would the head of the bed , you must draw a backup. It's a brilliant choice ,try it !

 9. rustic headboard

An excellent alternative for picnics and rustic decorations is to backup or header trunks, branches or elements of nature. Test using branches or bamboo. You'll see how creative and original will be your header . You can also lean by pine woods or paintings made from leaves, flowers and materials from nature .

 10 . Headers with lights

For lovers of technology or modern environments and minimalist style headers with lights are a refreshing alternative . You can use small lights distributed for the support or a light behind the headboard (and built ) . In addition , you will have switches and use whenever you want .

As you can see, there are many options and ideas headboards for beds . It's just a matter of putting your imagination and creativity , adding personality and style to your room.

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