Senin, 02 September 2013

Oriental style decoration Living

This time we will talk about the decor oriental style living . Without hesitation , this style is a great way to highlight any room in the home and give it a new fresh look .

The Oriental style is known for incorporating natural elements and create relaxing atmospheres , harmonious and serene . Also, colors are used in this type of decoration are the light colors and warm nature.
 Moreover, the minimalist approach is also part of the interior décor, since it is used furnishings straight, geometric lines , as well , a small amount of dispersed elements in space.
The primary key for this type of style is the balance, order and tranquility . Thus, the use of lighting, colors , furniture and objects will be critical to define and create the desired finish.

How to decorate an oriental style living ?

First, it is important to consider the colors and tones of the walls, floors and furniture . You can use earth tones , beige , brown, black or copper .
An oriental style living should be simple, tidy and modern . Also, you will need to have low furniture, a few accessories , Japanese style lamps , furniture geometric and wicker or bamboo elements .
Nature is a friend of this style , so to have ornaments made ​​of stone or wood elements will be an excellent alternative.

 Oriental decor While approaches the minimalist - design where less is more -the ultimate goal is to achieve a balanced environment , cozy and warm . This is achieved by incorporating details in warm , traditional eastern elements and objects of nature.
However, remember not to use too many items , since you'll be achieving the opposite effect and will stop maintaining the order and harmony in the environment.

 As for accessories, you can decorate with bamboo , plants, Japanese vases , red flowers , water fountains Zen - style and elements of stone, wood or sand.
On the walls hang pictures of you living with oriental designs , paintings of animals , pictures of flowers or landscapes.

Finally , for a living room with oriental style sure to use correct lighting, wood floors - use as possible , and to have transparent panels Oriental ( to allow the passage of natural light ) . Also, you can combine this style with modern and minimalist decor you already have , achieving a much more comfortable , harmonious and current.

 Have you thought about renewing your Living? What do you think the oriental style ?

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