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10 Ideas for headboards for beds

 You can renew the bedroom in a very easy and cheap , changing the head of your bed .
The headboards are versatile pieces , simple to make and very decorative .

Here we show you 10 ideas for bed headboards . Change the style of your room without spending much money ! Notes!

First, it is important to consider the size of the room you want to remodel . If the space is small , it is best to choose a header low, since a too high given the feeling that the environment is reduced.

Then , it is important to consider the style of the room and adjust the head as the decor we already have . For a romantic and elegant style , the fabric or upholstered headboards are ideal , and if you prefer a more modern and rustic , painted headers , with vinyl or smooth curves are the best choice.

Headboards for beds . Easy and versatile ideas

1. Painted Headers

Well thought simple and inexpensive at the time of renewing the headboard of your bed is to paint the wall with a little creativity . You can make the design you want ( using stencils , abstract drawings or whatever you want ) and match the colors as you like. It is an excellent choice : quick , easy and modern .

 2. Upholstered headboards

The headboards are in addition to comfortable , very versatile when it comes to decorating . You can choose carpets with different designs, textures and colors. Also adapts to all styles , varying their tones , combining them with the colors of the furniture , cushions , bedspreads , curtains , and bringing a sense of continuity throughout the space .

 3. Headers with pictures

An original and fun idea is to use pictures as headboards . You can choose different compositions , styles and colors ,or do it yourself! Be sure to choose a frame width of the bed or several smaller tables ( arranged symmetrically ) .

 4. Headwaters paper

Another excellent option is to use wallpaper, or wallpaper, to make the headboard of your bed . It is a very versatile to suit any style. They come with arabesques , striped , geometric shapes, with flowers, among others.

 5. Headers with vinyl or adhesive

This idea of ​​heading to bed is one of the best and most modern . Avoid making too full headers , requiring complicated or spending much money. Using decals you can create the style and design you want just pasting the sticker to the wall .

 6. headwaters recycled

Do not want to spend money ? We find the solution you were looking for ... Headwaters fully recycled , made from recycled items . Use old doors , wooden shutters , old shelves , pallets, old backs of armchairs or chairs , bars , etc. . You can amend any material that is no longer in use , to color and completely renovate your room .

 7. Fabric headboards

These headers are manufactured using forges, wood frames fabric or hanging a curtain rod on the wall. The fabric , combined with the quilt on your bed , it will be a great way to decorate and renovate your space. Dare to do this kind of headboard ,look very original!

 8. Header with chalkboard paint

No doubt this is a very original, fun and inexpensive . You only need to paint the wall with black chalkboard paint and then , in the place where would the head of the bed , you must draw a backup. It's a brilliant choice ,try it !

 9. rustic headboard

An excellent alternative for picnics and rustic decorations is to backup or header trunks, branches or elements of nature. Test using branches or bamboo. You'll see how creative and original will be your header . You can also lean by pine woods or paintings made from leaves, flowers and materials from nature .

 10 . Headers with lights

For lovers of technology or modern environments and minimalist style headers with lights are a refreshing alternative . You can use small lights distributed for the support or a light behind the headboard (and built ) . In addition , you will have switches and use whenever you want .

As you can see, there are many options and ideas headboards for beds . It's just a matter of putting your imagination and creativity , adding personality and style to your room.

The turquoise decor

There are numerous colors and ranges that we can choose when decorating a home and give it style. In this case we will speak of turquoise and its possible uses in the decoration of rooms .
The turquoise and its range is a tone that brings joy , freshness, balance, elegance. And as if all that were not enough , give life to the space , since color is very bright and flashy.

 On the other hand , to be related to the color of the sea and lakes, it gives the feeling of relaxation , harmony and elegance .

According choose what tone (one turquoise darker or lighter) , we create different effects and sensations in the environment. In turn , it is important to consider what other colors I go to merge , since it depends on the style you get . Similarly, turquoise is very easy to use and meets almost all of the color palette .

Then we will give some examples on how to use the turquoise decoration. Consider the following tips :

The turquoise and decoration

1 - To calm and relaxing environment , it is best to combine turquoise with dark blue range , with light colors , like white and beige or shades of blue and gray .

2 - If you want to achieve an elegant , you can combine it with white, black and neutral tones ( gray, brown , beige , earth tones , gold ) . This will give glamor and style to the environment , as well as brightness and romance.

3 - To achieve most striking decorations , try combining turquoise with yellow , violet , orange and fuchsia . If you want the turquoise is the protagonist , choose to combine it with pastels.

4 - Looking for visual impact ? Then you better paint your walls turquoise , you lean by use paint or wallpaper gradient in that range . Remember that if your walls or floors are turquoise, the furniture will have to be white or a neutral color.

5 - For the less adventurous or those not accustomed to the changes, it is preferable to start using the turquoise accessories, textiles and furniture. You can include in the range carpets , cushions , furniture , quilts , towels , chairs, etc. . However, remember to leave the walls white or a neutral color , to prevent too much space.

6 - To achieve more feminine spaces or romantic style , you can combine turquoise with pink , light green or lavender. However, if you want a room masculine and elegant , it is best to combine it with dark green , brown, black and gray , or neutral tones , but always dark .

7 - If you want to get a space both men and women , it is advisable to use the range of turquoise mixed with oranges, yellows , reds and colors like white and black . This is ideal for decorating living rooms, bathrooms, double bedrooms and lobbies .

The turquoise for decoration is a very versatile tone , wearable, appealing to the eye and easy to match with any style you already have at home or environment. It depends on the colors with which it can combine accentuate the range of turquoise , give you more or less prominence to the color or make the decor look more cheerful and attractive . Dare to change your space!

Construction and decoration to achieve perfect spaces

This time we'll talk about the world of decoration and construction.
When decorating the home , it is important to know all the details related to the construction of furniture , brackets, shelves , among others, as well as take into account the architecture of the house. In this way , we will know how to maximize space , how to take corners and how to use decorative elements, so as to achieve a proper balance and comfort .

 A Professional Home Decorating and environments, will be obliged to meet and learn about the architecture of the home. Also, the materials used to build the house or the way it was built, will give guidelines to know which spaces you can move and how media should work .
In many cases , a decorator will have to work alongside a builder , since it must reach agreement with the housing style to follow (industrial, minimalist , organic ) and sometimes , decorators builders need to make furniture as - saved or shelves to maximize space , decrease the budget or acquire details regarding the style.

Decorating is build ...

The decoration is related to construction, decorating that is building a new space environments are being renovated old and are taking advantage of places to be changed completely.
In addition, restoring a house requires a lot of working with the homeowner , decorator and , if necessary , a builder , who can demolish walls unnecessary , functional or custom build furniture and make necessary repairs .
Thus we say that decorating is to build and create new spaces.

Construction and design

Currently there are more and more homes with small spaces or old houses where you can repair too (due to adjoining dwellings , to scarce resources or the quality of the structure) . Therefore, many people choose to build custom furniture design to optimize all its spaces , without losing sight of the decor theme .

 You can build from counter tops, and cupboards kept zones , to columns , room dividers and shelves saving special places . That's when the construction comes to the fore , import finishes and the design of the overall structure .

Now , when building or remodeling your home , you should consider your budget, the design you want to have your home or room decor and the future you want for her .
Finally , if you have an idea about the construction , remodeling and design, there are several sites and free applications that allow you to design your home. For example , on the site you can find numerous project ideas , learn all about the world of construction and inform you more about the materials , budget , decor and how to remodel your home.
Find and remodel your home easily and without spending too much money !

Colors for youth bedroom

When decorating a youth room , it is important to consider the combination of colors , furnishings and we will incorporate the design you want to give to space.
This time , let's see what youth bedroom colors are best and which are recommended in the case of a female or male room . Notesand paint the walls with the color trend!

 Colors for youth bedroom

In general , the colors that best suit all rooms are neutral . However, when choosing the color , young people are the protagonists and in most cases prefer lean and flashy vibrant tone .

Bedroom Colors for Girls

While it is thought that women prefer strong colors or fluorine , some are inclined also pastel shades (pink, lilac, cream, green water).
According the style of the young , the bedroom can be painted in light colors , while maintaining a line of details in bright and vibrant colors - accessories, furnishings , textiles .

 The colors that can be used in youth bedrooms for girls are : fuchsia, turquoise, white , yellow, orange, purple and pink ( are excellent options to create environments with more light and joy ) . Also , you can combine several bright colors, to create spaces totally fresh and alive.
For more feminine , light colors shall be as indicated , those that adore elegance order and white colors , black and fuchsia are the best option. For those who prefer more childish decorations , chocolate and pink shades are ideal and , for the most daring , well flashy colors ( fluorescent ) are those recommended .

 Bedroom Colors for Men

Most men turn neutral tones and dark colors which provide tranquility and elegance.
According to the young style , colors you can choose are : blue, green , red , brown, gray and light shades .
The combination of colors is also present in the youth bedroom for kids or , conversely , the minimalist decor is also very common (using neutral tones , black and white color or a dark color in particular).

 For men who are inclined to more serious and elegant rooms , combined with strong colors are the best choice clear . And for more fun and upbeat , mixing orange, blue , gray and beige can be an excellent finish.
It is also possible to paint one wall a dark color, and other light colors leave . Combinations of two, three or even four colors can achieve fully decorative finishes and design .

Finally , there are many choices of colors for youth bedrooms . It will only be important to consider the tones of the furniture , textiles and accessories that have the room to achieve a harmonious and creative .

Oriental style decoration Living

This time we will talk about the decor oriental style living . Without hesitation , this style is a great way to highlight any room in the home and give it a new fresh look .

The Oriental style is known for incorporating natural elements and create relaxing atmospheres , harmonious and serene . Also, colors are used in this type of decoration are the light colors and warm nature.
 Moreover, the minimalist approach is also part of the interior décor, since it is used furnishings straight, geometric lines , as well , a small amount of dispersed elements in space.
The primary key for this type of style is the balance, order and tranquility . Thus, the use of lighting, colors , furniture and objects will be critical to define and create the desired finish.

How to decorate an oriental style living ?

First, it is important to consider the colors and tones of the walls, floors and furniture . You can use earth tones , beige , brown, black or copper .
An oriental style living should be simple, tidy and modern . Also, you will need to have low furniture, a few accessories , Japanese style lamps , furniture geometric and wicker or bamboo elements .
Nature is a friend of this style , so to have ornaments made ​​of stone or wood elements will be an excellent alternative.

 Oriental decor While approaches the minimalist - design where less is more -the ultimate goal is to achieve a balanced environment , cozy and warm . This is achieved by incorporating details in warm , traditional eastern elements and objects of nature.
However, remember not to use too many items , since you'll be achieving the opposite effect and will stop maintaining the order and harmony in the environment.

 As for accessories, you can decorate with bamboo , plants, Japanese vases , red flowers , water fountains Zen - style and elements of stone, wood or sand.
On the walls hang pictures of you living with oriental designs , paintings of animals , pictures of flowers or landscapes.

Finally , for a living room with oriental style sure to use correct lighting, wood floors - use as possible , and to have transparent panels Oriental ( to allow the passage of natural light ) . Also, you can combine this style with modern and minimalist decor you already have , achieving a much more comfortable , harmonious and current.

 Have you thought about renewing your Living? What do you think the oriental style ?