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Colors for youth bedroom

When decorating a youth room , it is important to consider the combination of colors , furnishings and we will incorporate the design you want to give to space.
This time , let's see what youth bedroom colors are best and which are recommended in the case of a female or male room . Notesand paint the walls with the color trend!

 Colors for youth bedroom

In general , the colors that best suit all rooms are neutral . However, when choosing the color , young people are the protagonists and in most cases prefer lean and flashy vibrant tone .

Bedroom Colors for Girls

While it is thought that women prefer strong colors or fluorine , some are inclined also pastel shades (pink, lilac, cream, green water).
According the style of the young , the bedroom can be painted in light colors , while maintaining a line of details in bright and vibrant colors - accessories, furnishings , textiles .

 The colors that can be used in youth bedrooms for girls are : fuchsia, turquoise, white , yellow, orange, purple and pink ( are excellent options to create environments with more light and joy ) . Also , you can combine several bright colors, to create spaces totally fresh and alive.
For more feminine , light colors shall be as indicated , those that adore elegance order and white colors , black and fuchsia are the best option. For those who prefer more childish decorations , chocolate and pink shades are ideal and , for the most daring , well flashy colors ( fluorescent ) are those recommended .

 Bedroom Colors for Men

Most men turn neutral tones and dark colors which provide tranquility and elegance.
According to the young style , colors you can choose are : blue, green , red , brown, gray and light shades .
The combination of colors is also present in the youth bedroom for kids or , conversely , the minimalist decor is also very common (using neutral tones , black and white color or a dark color in particular).

 For men who are inclined to more serious and elegant rooms , combined with strong colors are the best choice clear . And for more fun and upbeat , mixing orange, blue , gray and beige can be an excellent finish.
It is also possible to paint one wall a dark color, and other light colors leave . Combinations of two, three or even four colors can achieve fully decorative finishes and design .

Finally , there are many choices of colors for youth bedrooms . It will only be important to consider the tones of the furniture , textiles and accessories that have the room to achieve a harmonious and creative .

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